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The Athenaeum was a literary journal started in 1798 by August Wilhelm and Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel. It is considered to be the founding publication ...
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Athenaeum (literary journal) The Athenaeum was a literary journal started in 1798 by August Wilhelm and Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel.
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Mellen multivolume Set: New Athenaeum
Mellen multivolume Set New Athenaeum. ... New Athenaeum Ruth Richardson, editor A Scholarly Journal Specializing in Schleiermacher and Schlegel Research and ...
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The Journal of Religion New athenaeumineues Athenaeum, vol. 1, 1989. Lewiston, ny: Edwin Mellen Press, 1988. This volume marks the debut of a bilingual and ...
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In the following excerpts from Athenaeum Fragments (1798), ... Athenaeum, a literary magazine edited by Schlegel and his brother August Wilhelm from 1798 to ...
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Thesis Eleven
of early or Jena romanticism, defined by the journal Athenaeum (1798–1801), ... The Athenaeum can claim to be the birth site of literary modernism and of ...
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EPC | Andrew Levy | Jean Day
Although my starting point, the Athenaeum fragment, is not a work of poetry (and, arguably, not even a unified "work"), one might say that its method proved ...
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Aspro concento, orribile armonia d'alte querele, d'ululi e di strida de la misera gente che peria nel fondo per cagion de la sua guida, istranamente concordar s'udia col fiero suon de la fiamma omicida. Non più, Signor, non più di questo canto; ch'io son già rauco, e voPage 30

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